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Rental vacancies: For further information contact Hans Frederiksen 43424100 extension 1.


8 x 20 meters = 160 m2

Good ceiling height, large alu-door

6 months mutual termination

Deposit equivalent to 3 months. Rent + VAT


225 DKK per m2

Prices excl. VAT​


The property can be rented fully or partially and is centrally located just after the southern exit to Skibby.

The property will have a total land plot of approx. 90 ha, which is expected to be rented out, with grass area of ​​approx. 5-6 ha that can be accompanied to the buildings. As well as a fold towards Roskilde fjord can be accompanied, approx. 10-11 ha grass area.

The property can be used in many ways - horse property, commercial, construction and the like.

Certain applications will probably require permission from the municipality.

The property will also be ideal for a combination of own housing and own business in the same place.

Hovedgaden No. 79


Presentable main building in 2 levels with a floor plan of 224 m2 + 1st floor - suitable for 2 generations layout, institution and the like.

Many applications.

Large well-appointed garden.

Rental proposal DKK 18,000 per month + consumption - (NEW PELLET)

Horse Stables

Approx 33 horse box, seating room, rider room, etc. + possibility of establish another 10-15 boxes.

In total approximately 1000 m2.

Rental proposal DKK 12,000 per month + VAT.

Old barn

Coated with steel plates - about 400 m2 with aluminum doors in the gable.

Rental proposal DKK 3,000 per month + VAT.

Newer Hall - 917 m2

Currently estabished as a riding house.

Rental proposal DKK 10,000 per month + VAT.

Newer Hall - 750 m2

Rental proposal DKK 5,500 per month + VAT.

Newer Hall - 667 m2

Rental proposal DKK 5,000 per month + VAT.

Hovedgaden 81

Separately located detached house

Apartment approx. 150 m 2 - consisting of kitchen, bathroom, large living room and 2 rooms.

Great nice garden against free fields.

Rent DKK 8,000 per month + consumption.

Small apartment

With own entrance, consisting of two good rooms + kitchen and bathroom

Alternatively teenage department - or 2 rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom.

Many options.

Total rent DKK 3,800 per month + utilities.

Common for all rentals

Deposit corresponding to 4 month rent.

Certain rentals will be newly painted and the same requirements will apply when moving out.

Others must be handed over in the same condition as before (will be photo-documented when moving in)

Gardens and areas surrounding the buildings, etc., must be maintained on an ongoing basis, and this will be introduced as a reinforcing special requirements in the lease agreements.

It is imperative for the landlord that the property is always looking nice and presentable.

When renting the complete property (excluding the separate house / apartment on the main street 81), a total reduced rent of DKK 38,000 + VAT will be discussed.

Landlord reserves the right to freely choose between interested tenants, or discard all.

Request for rent, including suggestions for use and request for inspection, please be addressed only to Hans Frederikse@hcs.dk.​

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