Business solutions

HCS Waste Solutions - "Fast & Fluid" is a nationwide waste management service, and our solutions are closely aligned with regulatory requirements and customer preferences, because we are here to serve our customers and service is very important to us, and we know the requirements for service demanded by businesses today.

We call the concept "HCS Total Customer Solution" and as a "Total Customer" at HCS you only need one "Environmental Partner", regardless of whether the current and/or future task concerns the ongoing management of solid waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste, the collection and disposal of recyclable materials, ongoing tasks in the areas of sewage and industrial service and/or the transportation, treatment and disposal of various waste categories etc.

The solutions are many and varied, but will always be a Green Total Solution that takes account of the government's resource plan and which can be approved by the local municipality in relation to the requirements for sorting and recycling of waste/resources, and the solution will therefore include:

​Waste categorises:​​​

Combustible waste - all waste management:

HCS collects and transports industrial waste and performs security-approved shredding and general waste solutions for municipalities and industry, and associated tasks, including the sale of plastic and paper garbage bags and plastic containers, etc.
HCS purchases your recyclable materials, such as paper, cardboard and plastic:
Sorted and collected for recycling.


Food/ bio-waste is collected and converted into biogas at selected partners.

Frying oil:
Collected for recycling

Food grinder for canteens and large kitchens:
Through its cooperation with Biotrans Nordic A/S, HCS can provide food grinders for canteens and large kitchens.

Glass and bottles:
Collected for recycling​



Shredded and collected for recycling.

HCS Sewage and industrial service:

Nationwide emptying of oil and grease separators, bilge wells, sand traps, etc.

Clinical/hospital waste:
Collected for recycling

Hazardous waste:
Collected for recycling

Clinical/hospital waste:
Collected for recycling

Electronic waste (EE waste):
Collected for recycling

Collected for recycling

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