Own production

In addition to our subcontractors of International trucking services, HCS has decided since 2012 to invest in its own production in order to ensure that we have the necessary transportation capacity for our customers, at any time throughout the year.

Our own companies currently have more than 100 tractor units in operation.

All units are replaced routinely after 36 months of operation. This ensures that we always have the highest standard of operating, environmental and quality equipment.

All units have Full Service Concept in Europe. All units have GPS monitoring and communication via TomTom WEBFLEET.

All units that are purchased conform to the highest Euro standards, and by default, all devices are equipped with Alco locks and panic alarms.​

Since 2014, HCS has invested in more than 300 new trailer units, frigo/box and tautliner.

All units are changed in the same way as our tractor units after 36 months of operation, all units are with Full Service Concept in Europe. All units are with GPS monitoring. All units with the latest technology.

We can offer our customers high transport safety, on-line monitoring of temperature, alarms, temperature deviation, temperature report online, alarms caused by unauthorized door opening, additional locking system on the rear doors (frigo/box), deviation from the route (Geo Fence).

All refrigerated and box trailers have additional security registration number and HCS logo on the roof. All refrigerated trailers are calibrated annually in connection with MOT.

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