Security measures are of outmost importance to HCS. We are very committed on constantly improving our safety procedures and work tirelessly to provide the safest possible transport services for our customers.

Through the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, HCS is approved as "Regulated Agent no. DK/RA/00657", which means we are obligated to comply with all international laws and rules for air transport.

In addition, HCS conducts internal safety training for all employees who are connected to aircargo transportation. The personnel is regularly audited by HCS (internal audit) and the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority to ensure that everything is correctly documented, and the latest changes to the regulations and legislation are observed and implemented in our business model. 

HCS has equipped all vehicles that carry aircargo with GPS, and all of the vehicles are sealed in accordance with the existing legislation throughout the transport operation.

All refrigeration units in the fleet are equipped with the latest safety technologies and are approved for transporting pharmaceutical products. For more information on our Pharma-transport please click here.

  • Logo and registration number applied to the unit's tag in luminescent material - enabling identification from the air
  • Extra locking system built-in of type "Spanish Lock"
  • Door sensors with alarm and active geo-fencing
  • Six individual temperature sensors
  • Survaillance via GPS
  • Online temperature report via web solution
  • Alarm trigger in case of deviation from the configured temperature in the trailer
  • Annual calibration and inspection of cooling units

​For any further questions about our safety and security measures, please contact our Security Officer on +45 43 29 96 42.

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