Do you want to be a Shipping agent?

​Freight forwarding is about ACTING and providing SERVICE. Freight forwarding is the transport industry's "software", where the skilled forwarder is characterized by having business acumen, drive and efficiency, providing good customer advice and having a service-minded approach.

The freight forwarder's universe is dynamic and often takes place in an international environment with contact to many different countries.

The customers are companies that are engaged in import and export. They use the freight forwarder as an expert with regard to exporting and importing goods to and from abroad, since the freight forwarder also has an important advisory function.

When the freight forwarder knows the customer's requirements, he/she begins obtaining transport resources from subcontractors, arranging pick-up, booking storage space and possibly packaging, checking formalities such as customs, certificates of origin and other documentation procedures. Along the way, the freight forwarder solves any problems that might arise, so that the customer's company can focus on their own tasks, since this is part of the service provided by the freight forwarder.

A freight forwarder's job is a little like being a merchant. A freight forwarding company procures the best deals at the best prices for its clients, and it makes money by utilising the logistical capacity to its limit. In this way, the freight forwarder also helps to ensure that society achieves the best possible use of resources in connection with the global trade in goods. Their work also has an impact in relation to saving energy, CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.​

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