To be a trainee in HCS​

Jesper - Freight forwarder, former trainee at HCS

"My name is Jesper Sortsø. I have been with HCS for 4½ years. For the first 2 years I was a freight forwarder trainee. If you like tight deadlines, lots of responsibility and excellent potential for advancement, the freight forwarding business would appeal to you, and HCS can offer all of this.

One of the most positive features of my period as a trainee at HCS was all the different things I tried, such as settling with customers and hauliers, allocating vehicles (arranging logistics), switching departments and thus gaining an insight into the different modes of transport.

Now I have been trained for 2½ years and I still have a very positive attitude towards my workplace. It's probably because I feel a sense of freedom with responsibility. I am part of a team where we arrange our own working conditions. We have our own customers. We visit our customers and we generally organize our own working day.

I would say that if you are young and independent, if you have the confidence to express your opinion and are not afraid to be creative, then you should become a trainee freight forwarder with HCS. There's a good chance you will enjoy going to work just as much as I do."​

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