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Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

​HCS' quality policy applies to all departments within HCS' areas and offices that have or may have an impact on the quality work in relation to our clients, suppliers and all other partners.

The quality management system is based on the requirements specified by our clients and by the authorities, as well as in the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our quality policy is reviewed at least once a year and it is revised if necessary in connection with the management's review.


The quality policy and the ISO 9001 certification applies to the entire company.

Quality policy

HCS wishes to be known as a company that is honest and sincere and which uses open and dialogue-based communication. We want to achieve the industry's best service level and the most satisfied employees. HCS wishes to focus on our core areas, which are Transport & Freight Forwarding, Waste management, Sewage and Industrial Services, Recycling & waste products, Recycling activities, Environmental contracts and Transport of Construction Machinery and Materials for all types of customers.

HCS will continuously work on improving the quality of our services, partly in our core areas and partly in the management system. We will also work to improve the employee's approach to their daily tasks and to make everyday operations easier and more rational.​​​

The overall objective for HCS is to:​

  • meet our customers' demands and expectations
  • ensure correct performance/implementation of the tasks (execution/delivery of the activity at the agreed time and place)
  • treat any complaints quickly and effectively
  • inform the customer as soon as possible if an agreement cannot be met and conclude a new agreement
  • minimize the number of injuries
  • ensure optimum utilization of equipment and resources
  • implement correct invoicing
  • be available with advice if the customer requires it
  • be known for our service-minded, enthusiastic and independent employees.

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