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​The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 specific goals and 169 sub-goals, of which HCS works with a number of them.​

In short, the UN's SDGs is to oblige all 193 UN member states to completely eradicate poverty and hunger in the world, reduce inequalities, ensure good education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth. Read more about the UN's 17 SDGs by clicking here.​

HCS works intensively with the following SDGs:

2 - Food safety in transport (IFS - GFSI - ISO 9001)​​​​

​HCS is currently working to become IFS certified in the field of food transport across borders. IFS certification is approved by GFSI. IFS certification requires HCS to be ISO 9001 certified, which HCS already is.

​​3 - Health and well-being applicable to all employees

​HCS employees in the company are entitled to emergency assistance if they experience an acute mental crisis during their work for the company in the event of accidents, threats, etc. All HCS hourly employees with ATL agreements have also a pension scheme through Pension Danmark with a focus on the prevention and alleviation of joint, muscle and tendon problems, and can receive treatment from a chiropractor, physiotherapist, reflexologist and masseur.

5 - Gender equality (Code of Conduct)

HCS has drawn up a policy on equality, which is a part of our Code of Conduct where gender equality is described.

​7 - Energy management in the use of fuels and other energy (Certified according to ISO 50001, section 6.1)

​HCS has built-in systems for controlling fuel consumption on vehicles and machinery (electricity, diesel, gas, HVO, etc.) and other energy-consuming units (heating oil, district heating, electricity, etc.). HCS is constantly working on reducing energy consumption.

​​​8 - Occupational Health and Safety Management according to ISO 45001 (ISO 45001)

HCS is  occupational health and safety certified, audited and reviewed every year by its certified certification institute. HCS meets all requirements in the field of occupational health and safety management.

10 - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

​​HCS has drawn up a policy within each of the individual CSR items (Code of Conduct) setting out CSR related objectives.


​12 - Environmental management according to ISO 14001 (ISO 14001)

​HCS is environmentally certified and is audited and reviewed every year by its certified certification institute. HCS meets all environmental management requirements and has objectives for environmental goals that are monitored on an ongoing basis.


​​13 - Climate action - HCS is constantly working on reducing fuel and CO2 per driven km (Eco-friendly transport)

​HCS has built-in fuel control systems for vehicles and machinery (electricity, diesel, gas, HVO, etc.) and continuously records energy consumption for vehicles and machines. HCS is constantly working to reduce energy consumption.


​​16 - Anti-corruption (Code of Conduct)

​HCS has drawn up a policy on anti-corruption, which is a part of our Code of Conduct, which describes anti-corruption.


Overview of all the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals


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