Vacancies at HCS

HCS is an international transport company with offices in Denmark (headquarters in Glostrup), Finland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Greece.

In HCS, we have many different skills, functions and types of jobs:  

  • shippers
  • dispatchers
  • sales consultants
  • administrative staff
  • drivers, operators
  • machine operators
  • mechanics
  • warehouse employees​

​For HCS all our dedicated and skilled employees essential. We have great confidence in our employees, appreciate diversity, and that each employee contributes to the workplace. We greatly appreciate the versatility of our staff adds HCS and respect different cultures on an equal footing. We strive to create a good work and take pride in delivering high-quality work, taking into account safety and the environment.​

Our workplace is spacious and diverse. 

We believe that our employees' diversity is our common strength. 

Our culture is open and straightforward. 

We say what we mean and we keep our word. 

We have a flat structure, and there are high ceilings. 

As a family company we can act quickly.

We offer a challenging and stimulating environment where employees are encouraged to learn by acting, use their judgment, strive for excellence and provide our customers the best possible value for money.

HCS can offer some dedicated, helpful and good colleagues, a casual tone, canteen, staff association, environmentally friendly workplace and a reasonable balance between work and private life.

Would you like to work in an inspiring environment with committed, competent and good colleagues? 

Then you should look at the vacancies on the right. Should there be no vacancy that matches your qualifications, you are welcome to set up a job agent.​

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