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​​Paper and cardboard

​HCS Recycling accepts all types of paper and cardboard. The return paper is taken to our plants and processed, sorted and compacted, as required.It is then sold to the paper industry in Europe.


HCS Recycling accepts all types of plastic. The plastic is processed, sorted and compacted, as required. It is then sold to the plastic industry in Europe.

Transparent market prices​

​​We want the prices we offer our customers to be as transparent as possible, while also ensuring that we offer the lowest rates in the market.


There will therefore be:​

  • Pricing for paper/plastic that is adjusted monthly based on market-developments
  • ​Costs for the rental of equipment and collection/emptying


We also provide billing statements that can be used in connection with green accounts etc.

Contact HCS Recycling for further information and offers:

Reliability in our cooperation

​​​​HCS has more than 60 years' experience handling waste and we are aware of the importance of timely and quick pick-ups, which are a priority to us.

We have wide-ranging cooperation with various companies, including in the graphic industry and with municipal waste systems. This has given us a good knowledge and understanding that each client has different needs.


HCS Recycling offers a total solution for collecting and receiving all types of paper and plastic quality and other recyclable waste.

Logistics solutions

​HCS offers installation of equipment for the collection of waste categories.

You can choose all kinds of containers, compactors, paper cages etc. depending on your needs.​

HCS can provide advice about which solutions are most appropriate for you, and about how to achieve the best possible sorting.


At the same time, HCS uses more than 70 years of experience in the collection of refuse and other know-how to ensure that the collection/emptying proceeds as smoothly as possible.


HCS covers the entire country.


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