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HCS offers TV inspection, sewer service and repair of sewerage systems and do also offer 24-hour service if urgent. We have long experience as a supplier and have tailor-made solutions for the building industry, industry and the public sector.​

We can handle all kinds of flushing of sewer pipes, etc., industrial flushing of facades, concrete surfaces, etc., dry matter and mammoth extraction of various types of tanks, etc., emptying of grease separators, sand traps, etc. We use modern and professional equipment, which means we are able to locate damage to your sewer system, repair and clean the sewer. Our staff is well-trained and highly qualified and has up to 20 years of experience. We are a member of Dansk Byggeri and DTVK - for the sake of quality.

We take care of any communication with an insurance company too if you do not want to bother with this yourself. We offer total solutions too with for example TV inspection and sewer service in combination. You can make it easy for yourself by leting us solve the entire task. 

Sewer service

Emptying of:

  • Grease separators and pump wells
  • Oil-petrol separators and sand traps
  • Roof and road wells for private individuals and contractors
  • Sewage tanks and septic tanks
  • Toilet cabins, replenishing of water and liquid
  • Basements, swimming pools, lakes and rainwater tanks​

​Flushing of:

  • Sewer pipes of any size
  • Downpipes from flat roofs
  • District heating pipes and drinking water pipes
  • Tumbler wells and lines
  • Radiators on construction equipment
  • Mirror pools for algae

​TV inspection W/ Dansk Kloak TV:

​​Industrial service

Industry flushing of:

  • Concrete surfaces, construction joints, rainwater tanks and façades, etc.
  • Demolition of large concrete structures with Aquacutter
  • Cleaning of tanks with Bull-worker/Aquamat
  • Moulded P-deck for lime/salt extractions
  • Façades for algae and other impurities
  • Motor and building parts for cleaning
  • Sewer pipes before liner, including root cutting
  • Cast iron cables before laying of drinking water pipes;​


Dry matter suction/mammoth suction of:​

  • Emptying of tanks, tanker trucks, ships and silos of dry matter
  • Electric filters and ash funnels in the power plant sector
  • Pugging in older buildings
  • Insulation from floor partitions for renovation work
  • Loose material after surface milling
  • As ventilation in hard to reach places
  • Digesters and both wet and dry material from large depths.


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