Sewer service

Emptying of:

  • Grease separators and pump wells
  • Oil-petrol separators and sand traps
  • Roof and road wells for private individuals and contractors
  • Sewage tanks and septic tanks
  • Toilet cabins, replenishing of water and liquid
  • Basements, swimming pools, lakes and rainwater tanks​

​Flushing of:

  • Sewer pipes of any size
  • Downpipes from flat roofs
  • District heating pipes and drinking water pipes
  • Tumbler wells and lines
  • Radiators on construction equipment
  • Mirror pools for algae

​TV inspection W/ Dansk Kloak TV:

​​Industrial service

Industry flushing of:

  • Concrete surfaces, construction joints, rainwater tanks and façades, etc.
  • Demolition of large concrete structures with Aquacutter
  • Cleaning of tanks with Bull-worker/Aquamat
  • Moulded P-deck for lime/salt extractions
  • Façades for algae and other impurities
  • Motor and building parts for cleaning
  • Sewer pipes before liner, including root cutting
  • Cast iron cables before laying of drinking water pipes;​


Dry matter suction/mammoth suction of:​

  • Emptying of tanks, tanker trucks, ships and silos of dry matter
  • Electric filters and ash funnels in the power plant sector
  • Pugging in older buildings
  • Insulation from floor partitions for renovation work
  • Loose material after surface milling
  • As ventilation in hard to reach places
  • Digesters and both wet and dry material from large depths.


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