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HCS Waste Solutions - "Regular & Fluid" is a nationwide waste management, and our solutions are closely aligned regulatory requirements, customer needs and wants - because we are here to serve our customers convenience and service is very important to us, because we know what requirements for service provided by companies today.


We call the concept "HCS Total Customer Solution", and as "Total customer" at HCS you can settle for one "Environmental partner", regardless of whether the current and / or future task concerns the ongoing handling of solid waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste, collection and disposal of recyclable materials, ongoing tasks within sewage and industrial service and / or transport, treatment and disposal of various waste fractions etc.

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The solutions are many and diverse, but will be a Green Total Solution that takes the government's resource plan as oath, and which will be approved by the local municipality in relation to the requirements for sorting and recycling of waste / resources, and the solution may thus include the following.


Waste fractions:

Flammable waste - all waste disposal: HCS deals with the collection and transport of industrial renovation, safety approved shredding and general waste solutions for municipalities and industry, and related related tasks, including the sale of plastic and paper waste bags and plastic containers, etc.


HCS buys your recyclable materials:

  • Paper, cardboard and plastic: Sorted and collected for recycling
  • Food / bio-waste: Food / bio-waste is collected and converted into biogas at selected partners
  • Frying Oil: Collected for recycling
  • Glass and Bottles: Collected for recycling
  • Shredding: Shredded and collected for recycling.
  • HCS Sewage and industrial service: Nationwide emptying of oil and grease separators, gutter drainage wells, sand trap etc.
  • Clinical Hazardous Waste: Collected for energy utilization
  • Hazardous waste: Collected for energy utilization
  • Electronic waste (EE waste): Collected for recycling
  • Tires: Collected for recycling


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